Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Tv Polytron Minimax

Minimax POLYTRON TV series has a classic problem, namely the damage that occurred the first time since the new tv operated / purchased. Minimax generation producers began POLYTRON (electronic court PT.Hartono) drafted a new type of power supply from the previous reply using TR reg type: D1877/78 with a new circuit using a new type of transformer and power transistors reg. namely its type FET: FS5KM/FS 7UM / FS 10UM. Yg problems common in this type of regulator is: if I may say "defects" because the component voltage regulator to supply drivers using horizontal 10uF/63Volt.Padahal capacity when we saw him in mainboard, this capacitor size for printing numbers and distance components capacitor feet should use a larger capacity again (for example on Minimax type MX 1452 MG) seen at the capacitor number: C 507 (10uF/63V). As a result sometimes drop 50Volt supply voltage for the horizontal driver after passing through two resistors 470 to ohm/2watt driver tarfo TV horisontal.Conditions are always in a state of standby. This damage occurs and the oft-damage first before another reply. If you get a case like this which is very difficult at times tv is turned on, although in certain circumstances to live, but more difficult to burn, then follow my tip's below. Replace the capacitor (c507 series MX1452MG) or very easy to type you are looking for another reply, the reply elco closest two big elco (1000 uF/50v) in front of a capacity 10uF/63V regulator, replaced with 100uf/63V or elco 100uF/100V. Tv I guarantee to operate normally ...

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